Who Speaks for Public Procurement?

There are many procurement professionals and associations who speak in support of procurement; they work very hard promoting, communicating and improving the value of today’s procurement professional. But is this enough? What if all these individuals, associations and other interested parties had an opportunity to speak as a single voice? A voice that could speak in a united way to the spectrum of important topics that impact the profession; its sole purpose to speak on behalf of all procurement professionals, especially in the public arena. A voice that is large enough so its message will not fall on deaf ears?

On August 5, 2006, the National Council for Public Procurement and Contracting (NCPPC) officially came into being to be the voice of the profession. The NCPPC joins the voices of eight charter associations and the professional groups and individuals whose focus is public procurement and contracting. Collectively, the Council represents more than 37,000 members who are responsible for in excess of 2 trillion dollars of spend annually.